Ge.Im.A. has its own packhouse located in Roccalumera, Messina (IT), 20 km from Taormina, with an extention of 7000 mq, 1300 mq covered. To offer our customers continuity for each variety during the whole season, the warehouse pack fruits from our main orchard and from the orchards of our accreditated producers.

Through a supplier identification system, every single producer is qualified according to the quality standards of the fruits ( organoleptic qualities and origin). Thanks to a lot identification system, Ge.Im.A. is able to "follow" the fruits during the following phases:

  • monitoring in the orchard, during the harvest, the transport and in the packhouse;
  • storage of the fruits, selection and packing;
  • storage of packed fruits.

The first phase of the process consists in assigning an internal code to the grower when the product is bought. In case of harvest in different orchards, the driver will divide each lot with a color tape and will fill a document of transportation before the departure. The document of transportation will indicate the name of the producer. In the packhouse the boxes are weighted. Every pallet will be labelled with a sheet containing the grower code, identification data of thelot, number of boxes. All those data are also entered in a dedicated register of loads (list of raw materials).

An area of the packhouse is dedicated to the coming goods and every lot is packed separately. Divided in standard commercial categories, the fruits are ready for being packed. On the boxes a label with the lot number will be attached (in case of different lots on the same pallet a different colour will be used for each lot).

Once packed standard EUR pallets or Industrial pallets will be completed to be stored o sent to the customers. Before the storage in the cold store each pallet is marked with a paper specifying:

  • name of the customer;
  • lot number and identification code;
  • calibre;
  • number of boxes per calibre.

At the time of departure, the pallets are registered in a dedicated register. Every pallet will leave with a document of transportation where the data of the company, the customer and the storage info are entered.