Company Farm

Ge.Im.A., which holds the ECOGRUPPO ITALIA certification and acts under the EU regulation 834/07, has been established in 1981 with the aim to manage citrus orchards.

The company has pioneered the organic farming joining such a market since 1992. The main orchard, cultivated with lemon Interdonato, lemon Femminello, orange Navel, orange Tarocco, has an extension of about 15 Ha, and it's located at "Stanta Lucia sopra Contesse" (ME).

The packhouse, located in Roccalumera (ME), 20 km from Taormina, is equipped with up to date pre-packing facilities, software for full traceability to maintain a high standard to its customers.

Ge.Im.A. directly manages an average citrus production of 2000 tons/season. Years of activity, since 1981, has resulted in strong contacts and links with main Sicilian organic growers accredited through quality procedures.

The company counts more than 50 European customers in Western and Eastern Europe.