Geima is a certified organic farm of 15 Ha cultivated with limone Interdonato, limone Femminello, arancia Navel, arancia Tarocco. The company has its own packhouse over an area of 5000 mq (1400mq covered), managing directly a production of roughly 2 million Kgs citrus coming from accredited growers. Harvesting and transport operations are carried out using proprietary boxes and trucks through its own personnel to guarantee an adequate service to our customers.

Geima mission is to provide its customers with high quality, genuine and certified products guaranteeing seasonal continuity. More than 30 years experience, tended to continuous improvement of production and processes have allowed Geima to gain segments of the European market being the company a reliable grower, packer and trader.

Geima is a leading company in the production and distribution of organic citrus all over Europe thanks to the high quality standards and the accurate control of the orchards. Since 2008 Geima started a cooperation with certified producers of fruit and vegetables

Its aim? To serve its customers with a full range of products.

Geima guarantees its customers with a series of services tailored to satisfy different customers needs throughout Europe. In there: selection of growers and related produces, quality control, full product traceability, prices and quantities, custom packaging, organization of transport to deliver at customer site.