Project Esprit Bio (old)

ESPRIT BIO Project "Strategic Plan aimed at increasing exports of innovative Sicilian organic fresh (fruit and vegetables) and processed produce with high added value"

(March 2019 - September 2020)

PO FESR SICILIA 2014-2020 - Action 3.4.2 - Incentives to purchase support services for the internationalization of SMEs.

The proposed internationalization project is part of a broad strategic innovation plan aimed at increasing exports of organic Sicilian products with high added value, both fresh and processed.

The company has decided to implement this plan, supporting it with structural and process innovations already in place. The proposed internationalization plan bases its foundations on the following pillars:

- strengthening of the market position in European countries where the company already has a consolidated presence, expanding the offer by leveraging on product typicality and innovation;

- inclusion of the products currently marketed in Europe where the presence of the company is still marginal or absent, with particular reference to Northern and Eastern Europe countries;

- strategic and commercial consultancy aimed at protecting new markets, with particular reference to the countries of Northern Europe (Scandinavia) and Eastern Europe;

- search for foreign operators and partners in the target markets and assistance for the organization of business meetings;

- design and creation of a special brand in order to penetrate foreign markets.

These services will be flanked by functional activities for the development of the international dimension of Ge.Im.A. such as:

- participation in international fairs

- creation of brochures and informative material, in English and in the languages ​​of the target countries;

- adjustment of the website to the languages ​​of the target countries;

- promotion on the reference markets;

- trademark protection in foreign reference markets.